The Business Model Canvas: the tool of all tools

The Business Model Canvas gives a quick insight into all components of a business or organisation, stimulates structural entrepreneurial thinking, and uses uniform language. That is why Business Model Canvas is the design and communication tool of all tools for business development and business model innovation, or for the design, evaluation, modification and innovation of products, services, organisations and businesses. Simple, efficient and easy to learn, it can be applied immediately.
Perfect for combining with modern approaches such as Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, Blue Ocean, etc.


  • tangible ideas and points of departure for new products, services or improved business models
  • greater insight into stakeholders and clients
  • better understanding of the cohesion of components of an organisation or business
  • refreshing insights into new opportunities and into own business or organisation, team and colleagues
  • fun and inspiration generated by creativity and shared ideas
  • encourages teambuilding and cooperation